Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fierce Decorating, Lesson 1: Find A Focal Point

My first decorating tip is a fairly simple one: make a theme in the space you are working with by using something you find beautiful as your focal point and working outward from there. It could be anything from a throw blanket with a design you love to a painting by your favorite artist to something as simple as a small vase. For example, I am in love with this new lamp I made using one of my all-time favorite fabrics and it would serve as an amazing inspiration piece for my bedroom.

This doesn't mean that my entire room has to feature this fabric - I can use anything with complimenting colors or patterns to accent my favorite elements of the lamp. For instance, a bed set along these lines would make an alluring backdrop for my focal point while still adding depth to the overall decor.

It’s ok to throw in little accents with the same fabric as long as it's not overwhelming - possibly a couple throw pillows, or a valance over the window. Once you have the major elements of the room in place, you can start working on those little details that really make a room stand out. I'm a huge fan of candles and knick-knack shelves or finding things that are meaningful to you and displaying them in a unique way. Splashes of your personality sprinkled around can really add a lot of beauty and emotion to a room.

That's it for this lesson, check back soon for the next one!

Here are a few handmade home decor items I found on Etsy that I think are brilliant, and maybe they'll inspire you to go home and revamp your living space!

Victorian Gothic Red and Black Teacup Candleholder by AmericanGirl51

Coffin - table shelf by HellsElves

Skeleton Key, key Holder by esix8


Pili said...

Very informative, Kylie! I will be reading eargerly all your decorating tips!

Concertina said...

I am also excited about your decorating tips. I am useless when it comes to that! Even though your lamp does pretty much tie everything together in my room...

I love the new lamp also! You are truly creative. <3

lollywood said...

im moving in with my boyfriend in a few weeks and i can't wait to redecorate!