Friday, May 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Things That Bling!!

Miss Mandy is the beauty and brains behind the Etsy shop ThingsThatBling. This spunky chick makes a multitude of awesome stuff including screen printed bath and kitchen towels, quirky potholders, silly plush monsters and some of the most gorgeous beadwork jewelry I have seen. Beyond being a DIYer, she is also a molder of young musical minds and a musician in the band Honeycreeper. Mandy was one of the first people I met when I came on to the DIY scene and she has left a lasting impression. Not only do I admire her for her amazing handmade items but also I love her sense of humor and candid honesty.
I happen to be the proud owner of ThingsThatBling kitchen towels, potholders, and a silly monster so I know first hand that Mandy is full of talent and I wanted to share some of her kickassery with you! Mandy was nice enough to chat with me for a few minutes so I could pick her brain a bit:

FF: Ok, first question is an easy one: Why home decor?

MANDY: I have always used things that made me smile to decorate my apartment, room, house, wherever. I often used old toys and random weirdness, but then I realized I could start actually making home items. Things people use daily that can give them a chuckle...hence the potholders.

FF: Do you find humor inspires a lot of your creations?

MANDY: YES! Humor inspires almost everything I do, but I also have a very dark side. I guess the bottom line to me is that life can suck pretty hard, so i want to help people to smile in any way I can...unless their douchebags...hahaha!

FF: Well, douchebags need cool home decor too! You are also a musician, does that reflect in your designs at all?

MANDY: My band merch is actually how I started making stuff...stuff being the "technical" term. haha! I had screenprinted for years before I made an etsy shop, and my first monsters were ones I sold at shows. The skull towels are actually prints I made for the i guess in that way it reflects being a musician. Just for the record...I have nothing against douchebags or any other feminine products

FF: Any plans for more home goods in the future?

MANDY: YES! Because I am so anal retentive though, I haven't made any new designs I am ready to sell yet. Things I have been working on are rugs, aprons, tablecloths and tissue holders. Things that don;t take massively long because I have a short attention span!

FF: I can't wait to see them and add to my Things That Bling collection! What advice would you give to other home decor DIYers who are just starting out?

MANDY: hhhmmm, I think I would go with think out of the box. Try to take everyday items and make them more interesting. There can be awesomeness in every corner of your home if you can imagine it there, ya know? And of course...keep trying! It takes time to find your clients! You can be the most talented person in the world, but the world is full of people, so its up to you to seek out those who are like minded!

FF: Excellent advice. Thanks so much for your candidness! One last question...stolen from James Lipton who stole it from someone else - what is your favorite curse word?

MANDY: hmmmmmmmmm...gotta be cocksucker. yup hahaha

FF: lmao, thanks for your time.

MANDY: thank YOU!

Here are just a few examples of the amazing creations you can find in Mandy’s shop.


jenerek! said...

mandy rocks :)

and those 'fireman hunk' potholders crack me up! too cool!

Mary said...

Manders ROCKS! I love my potholders, washcloths, and awesome beaded jewelry from her. I want to hump her face!!!

Mara said...

Mandy = pure heaven.

morbidmo said...

Mandy is awesome and does great work!

EyeScream Industries said...

I also own some stuff by Mandy, and it's really awesome :) My husband is a BIG fan of his Bad Ass shirt, he wears it alllll the time!! :) Such a great seller and sweet person..I <3 Mandy!!