Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/1 Handmade Picks of the Week

I'm a total bonehead and completely forgot to post my superfly handmade picks last week! So I'll be doubling up this week which means you get to see even more awesome choices all in one little bloggy blog. I'm also including links to these shop's Facebook Fan Pages as well so you can keep up to date with all of their DIY goodness.

First up, for all you book fiends out there, is this super cool and totally convenient book pillow from Inverness Studios! Rest it on your lap while you read away and it will even keep your place should you nod off! Check out her FAN PAGE too!

Once again I need to sing the praises of these amazing hand carved stamps from SkullandCrossbuns. My newest favorite is this bad ass Devil Horns stamp. ROCK ON, my friend, rock on! FAN PAGE <-- like it!

Another one of my all time favorite designers is aNGrYGiRL Gear. This ooak purple tartan corset is to DIE for! So tough yet with a touch of femininity....LOVE it! Check out her FAN PAGE too!

This adorable upcycled plaid lace flutter sleeve top from Smarmy Clothes is definitely going on my birthday wish list. It's so cute and I love the lace accents *makes grabby hands* "Like" her FAN PAGE to see her latest and greatest creations!

Platipuses makes some amazing clothing for girls with curves. This sweet little paisley dress is just one of the many wonderful things Plats offers in her shop. Check out her FAN PAGE as well!

Last up is for all you Harry Potter fans: Snape Memory Bottle Necklace from The Clay Pony. You know you can't resist it!! Go "like" her FAN PAGE for more of her awesome accessories.

And remember: to find more super funkilicious handmade items just search the tag "craftanon team" on Etsy!