Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the Working World

So finally, after sending out a ton of resumes I received one call back. I went into the interview and I guess kicked serious ass because I beat out 600 other applicants and got the job!
I'm torn by this. I'm happy to be working and making money, but saddened that I need to work a corporate office job to pay the bills. I really enjoyed having all the time in the world to spend creating cool stuff for Fabulously Fierce and I will miss that. But, the place seems to have a lot of great people - the founder even bought me flowers to welcome me (my own husband hasn't even bought me flowers in over 5 years! - love you baby!) And it also has all the aspects that I wanted out of an office job, so that's a positive.
I will still slave away in my off hours to create more product for FF, I could never give it up entirely, and like my wonderful husband has said "keep your day job until your night job pays off".....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someday, that will happen.

In the meantime - check out my Etsy store, it's full of cool shit!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are Times Too Hard for Success??

Times are tough right now. For everyone. I was laid off in October (no, I'm not turning this into a sob story) and still have not been able to find a job. I looked at my lay off as a great opportunity to put some real time and effort into Fabulously Fierce. I guess my pre-occupied mind did not figure in that the country was a mess and it probably wasn't the best time to try to start a business from the ground up. It has been discouraging, and it's hard to separate the fact that the economy sucks from the possibility that my stuff just sucks. I know my stuff doesn't suck, in fact, I think it's pretty damn awesome...just not everyone's cup of tea. But there are days when I just want to throw in the towel.
Luckily, I have an amazing support system of friends and family who want me to succeed and at the end of the day that makes all the difference in the world.
So I will keep plugging away and looking for new avenues for promotion and hope that soon things will start to look up.

What was the point of this post?? I have no idea, but that's what blogs are for, right?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Thursday Again!! TNT SALE DAY!

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