Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Attack of the Craft

Dear Attack of the Craft,
Thank you for being an amazing group of crafting misfits that make my days better. Your breadth of knowledge, friendship and support is boundless and has helped me become a better crafter, designer, business owner and person. It's strange that a forum could add so much depth to someone's life, but I know you have done it for many. Keep on being awesome.


Seriously folks, GO CHECK OUT ATTACK OF THE CRAFT!!! If you're a crafter, or handmade enthusiast, this place is for you. With business advice, tutorials, funny discussions and much much more, there is always something for everyone. This forum is frequented by so many talented men and women, I am constantly amazed by the pure kickassery that comes out of it's members.

If you've ever felt out of place or ignored in other forums, then come to Attack of the Craft...it feels like home :)

Check out some of the member's items HERE and search the tag "attackofthecraft" on Etsy!