Monday, February 14, 2011

Handmade Picks of the Week 2/14

Here are three awesome handmade items picked from my fellow Attack of the Crafters! For more amazing DIYers, search the tag "attackofthecraft" on Etsy, or join the forum!

First up is this awesome stainless steal Star Bracelet from chainmaille jewelry artist NevarsongDesign!

Next up is this Aromatherapy Pillow ComfortTherapy by Inverness Studios. I have the headache therapy and let me tell you, it works wonders after a long day at work!

And last is this Space Invaders Gamer Wristlet by StellarCheri. I happen to know first hand that Cheri's items are made to perfection!


TheClayPony said...

Great picks! I have the Anxiety pillow from Inverness Studios, and it really helps me relax!

Hoot-n-Andy LLC said...

another great collection of handmade awesomeness! i really like that pretty!