Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Featured Artist: Dingogirl's Den

Jolene is the creative force behind the Etsy shop Dingogirl's Den. She makes a variety of items ranging from stuffed animals to decorative pillows, each possessing an air of whimsy and wonder with a touch of bizarre. Jolene's pillows and tote bags feature handmade appliques that will just blow you away, I am in awe of each new item she creates.

I was so happy when Jolene agreed to be featured on my blog and I was able to pick her brain a little.

FF: How did you get started crafting?

Jolene: Since I can remember I have always been crafty or at least curious. I painted, sculpted, but it wasn't until I started working with Soft sculpture, that's what got me into sewing. I have never looked back, I just want to keep challenging myself.

FF: What drove you to make pillows?

Jolene: Because I am the ultimate hedonist I enjoy comfort and like to make things that are fun and comfortable...pillows just kind of fell into place. They allow me to create scenes and to get more detail in the piece.

FF: Your designs are so original and fun, what inspires you?

Jolene: I am a huge animal and nature lover. I always feel so much more connected to what I am working on if it is related to those 2 things.

FF: What is your favorite item that you’ve made?

Jolene: hmmmmm... I think it's a tie between My Gnome Pillow or my Squid Pillow... I think I will have to say my squid though.

FF: Any plans for venturing into more home d├ęcor items?

Jolene: I am hoping to be working with a woman who is part of the http://www.des-syn.com/ design firm. I would be using my skills to make and create different accessories for high end Interior design.

FF: What is something about yourself that would surprise people?

Jolene: I am told by people all of the time that I have great energy LOL

FF: One last question...stolen from James Lipton who stole it from someone else - what is your favorite curse word?

Jolene: Mother f*cker

Thanks Jolene!

To get one of your own unique creations by Jolene, visit her Etsy shop: Dingogirl's Den and also check out her blog HERE


Poisoned Creations said...

DingoGirl ROCKS!!!!

angrylittledeadgirl said...

I like motherf*cker, too... and Jolene's work :) I still carry my messenger bag to work every day, and its shown no signs of wear or tear yet :) I <3 Dingogirl!

deadthingsgrrl said...

I will eat Dingo's babies :D
I LOOOVE her work, I make it a point to show off all my DingoGirl stuff in my art studio.
I luff Jolene!

smarmy said...

Everyone comments on my Big Bad Wolf pillow, and with good reason!

WickedBadNaughty said...

I love Jolene's monsters...she is full of awesome! };D

Pili said...

She's just totally AMAZING!
I love my custom Cinnamon pillow soooo much!

jolene said...

Thanks for blogging about me..and thanks guys for all your awesome positive words..

Rocky the Zombie said...

I love her! All of her creations make me smiley :Dnai